Natural Dye Extracts

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Concentrated natural dye extract.
This extract can be used for dyeing fibers, yarns, natural fiber fabrics and garments (both animal and plant-based fibers). Not intended for use with synthetic and artificial products.

Higher or lower concentrations, or combinations with other dyes and/or dyeing stuff can give different shades.

Anatto                        $0.43/gram
Chestnut                    $0.15/gram
Chlorophyll                $1.57/gram
Cochineal                  $1.47/gram
Coreopsis                  $1.26/gram
Cutch Tree                 $0.31/gram
Dyer's Broom             $1.61/gram
Logwood                    $0.94/gram
Madder Standard       $0.66/gram
Nut                             $0.36/gram

Brand Natural Dye Extracts
Collection natural dye extracts,plant dyes

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