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Eucalan’s Unscented Delicate Wash is the same trusted formula without essential oils. It is Eucalan – bare naked, with no added chemicals to hide the natural scent of the product. The lanolin enriched formula helps to condition fibres and keep static away. For those with scent sensitivities, use Eucalan Unscented on all your delicates such as sweaters, lingerie, hosiery, comforters, down jackets, bathing suits and baby items. Really, it is great anytime you don’t want a competing scent.

Also available in Grapefruit and Lavender scent

Bring your empty bottle and get a refill for only $9.75, a saving of  $4.75

Made in Canada

Brand Eucalan
Collection eucalan,wool wash,no-rinse laundry soap,lanolin wool wash
Accessories & Tools: Knitting

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