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KnitPicks Interchangeable Circular Needles (5" tips) and cords,  Rainbow wood

Clover Takumi DPNs,   Bamboo

Clover Takumi FIxed Circular 29",  Bamboo

Knitter's Pride DPNs - 5", 6", 8"    Wood

Knitter's Pride Special Interchangeable Circular - 3.75" tips and cords. Metallic colours

Knitter's Pride Ginger Special Interchangeable Circular - short tips and cords. Wood

Kinki Amibari Asymmetrical Circular Needles - rotating swivel, total length 9.5" for small circ. Bamboo



Brand Accessories & Tools
Collection Knitters Pride,bamboo knitting needles,knitting needles,rainbow wood knitting needles,circular needles,circular knitting needles,DPN needles,short tip circular interchangeable knitting needles,asymmetrical knitting needles,Kinki Amibari,KnitPicks
Accessories & Tools: Knitting,Crochet

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